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Amplifying Leading Brands Through Ethical, Sustainable Fashion

We embarked on our journey in 2004 and have since established ourselves as a leading force in the ethical, sustainable, and organic branded apparel production worldwide. Our purpose is not only to elevate the world's top brands but also to provide a complete solution to meet all your ethical apparel and merchandise needs.

As a committed team, we deliver the highest quality organic cotton and recycled apparel blanks across the globe. More than just a supplier, we also offer a range of expert services and professional advice, including screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, transfers, artwork, relabelling, and barcode packaging. We're dedicated to ensuring your brand's identity is expressed in the most responsible and impactful way possible.

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Earth Positive

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Our ethical clothing is created with the highest-quality sustainable fabrics and sourced from the world's foremost supply partners who align with OCC Apparel's foundational commitment to ethical and sustainable apparel practices. The team at OCC Apparel is dedicated to crafting attractive, superior ethical clothing that meets and exceeds the expectations of your supporters and customers.

Reports indicate that New Zealand, like many countries, generates a significant amount of textile waste annually, with only a small portion being recycled. That's why purchasing ethical and sustainable clothing is so crucial – it reduces the amount of textile waste produced each year. The most effective way to curb the amount of textile waste the world produces annually is by investing in high-quality ethical and sustainable apparel items. Get in touch with an OCC Apparel expert today to discuss your ethical and sustainable fashion apparel needs and discover how the OCC Apparel team can assist in making your exceptional brand even better.

The movement towards ethical and sustainable fashion is quickly gaining traction in New Zealand.

Here at OCC Apparel, we are honoured to present a carefully chosen range of the finest ethical clothing brands in the country. From environmentally-friendly materials to fair labour practices, our brands are dedicated to making a positive contribution to both people and the planet. By opting for ethical clothing, you can express your vision for the kind of world you wish to inhabit and become part of the solution. So, transition to a more sustainable lifestyle with OCC Apparel today.

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